Friday, July 25, 2014

The Eagle Has Landed (In my sewing room)

I'm prepping for the center block of Flags of the American Revolution Quilt. You can find it HERE or check ebay.

I'll trim my seam allowance as I turn it under. I plan on doing the center  as reverse applique with the background showing through. 

I had a white background with blue stars but it needed tones down a bit. Leftover coffee to the rescue. 

Uh, it doesn't seem to be lining up very well. 

My star background is too small! Aargh! I like Jan Patek's designs, but the patterns are about as primitive as her designs. 
Larger piece in place, pinned with short pins ready to applique.  When I see it like this, I have to remind myself it is primitive! It's been a while since I've done needle turn applique, so it will be even more primitive! 
I'll do the inside curve of the arc first, then the wavy edge, then the reverse applique, then the outside of the eagle, adding the branch and arrow before appliqueing the feet. 

 For hand applique (and machine) I use size 50 DMC in the color that matches the applique piece.

My favorite applique needles and my sewline needle threader. 

I have 7 of you that are sewing along. If you want to do this quilt there is still time.Let me know.

Cathy S from Maryland - no blog
Patty Nordahl- no blog, no email *contact me please
Karen Beigh- Log Cabin Quilter.
Cynthia- A Quilter by Night
Kathy from FL- no blog
Belinda- Brown Dirt Cottage
Terry- no blog
Nashook- no name, no email, no blog! lol *contact me.
Janet Y- no blog
Kathie- Inspired by Antique Quilts
Nancy R- Tattered Garden Quilting
Lisa- Inspired Quilter
Elaine- no blog
Barbara-Quilts, Gravestones and Elusive Ancestors
Darlynn- no blog
Sylvia- Flickenstitchlerei

MJ in Michigan is on the fence, but she already has the kit, so why not use it up????? Right?? Right???

August 31st is the first date to complete the eagle center. Who has started?


  1. I'm going to enjoy watching your progress. Have fun!

  2. I have ordered the book (the last affordable used one from, and I would like to join in. I love this quilt, but sometimes my good intentions get in the way of reality these days. looks like fun!

  3. My book is supposed to arrive today, but even if it doesn't (could be tomorrow), I'm in. I don't have a blog, but that's not going to stop me!

  4. I'm watching with eagle envy.
    Love that needle threader, it's the best one I own for small eyed needles.

  5. Count me.... intrigued. Even more intrigued by that needle threader! Must look for one of those!

  6. Que trabajo mas interesante!!!!
    seguiré atenta los progresos de los apliques

  7. Oh Oh, looks good Lori! I received an email yesterday saying my book was on it's way. I've had a time finally getting one. My issue will be the fabrics. I've been digging through my stash this morning trying to find some cohesive fabrics for this quilt.

    I guess I'm already w-a-y behind.

  8. I'm in, too!. I don't have a blog, but have my book and fabrics collected. Should I send my progress photos to you?

    1. Please send me your email address so we can communicate:)

  9. Love this post about your process. I will so enjoy watching all of you progress on this project!

  10. I've got my eagle done and getting ready to sew on the stars. And yes it is primitive!! He is a little wonky...there was no way to line up the arc and get the eagle totally straight....and I had to laugh about the fabric behind the took me 3 times to make it work and there is still a tiny section that isn't covered! I am loving this quilt though and it's only the first!

  11. Such a great quilt. You are off to a good start. I never think to tea dye or coffee dye a piece that is a bit too white....why do I never remember? I will make a note (and lose the paper no doubt). LOL

  12. I love the eagle, but don't know if I could handle that in needle turn. I managed it on my Baskets of Blue quilt, but it was folded over first. I will be getting some needle turn practice on the DJ quilt, so that should help me advance a little in my appliqué skills - a little at a time.

  13. I will be watching your progress. I like the DMC thread too. Must try the needle threader.

  14. Hi Lori, I enjoy your blog...found the book on sale at Common Threads and I am joining in on the fun. I've already gone to my fav quilt store twice for homespun and patriotic colored fabs. I try really hard not to get caught up in the latest boms, qal ect., but I absolutely love primitive and homespun fabrics. Thanks

    1. That's fantastic! I'd love to get your email address and name:) Shoot me off an email please.

  15. It looks great, Lori! Seeing how you marked and layed [laid?] this out was helpful to me, esp the hint about trimming the seams as one sews [I am all self taught, or my dad taught me---but he wasn t big on the little details,lol.]. I have my fabrics gathered, as you can see at the end of my blog post today. Next week for sewing.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  16. Looks like a great start to another beauty! It will be fun to watch your progress in the coming months.

  17. My book came from Common Threads and I am going to sew along. I doubt I will be able to keep up so will sew at my own pace. You are right about Jan Patek's patterns they are primitive. It’s best to check the pieces before cutting to make sure they will work.

  18. I ordered my book from Jan but have not received it yet. Meanwhile I am gathering fabrics from stash.

  19. It's going to be such fun watching all the eagle quilts getting made. I love my Sewline needle threader too, it's the best.

  20. I'll have fun watch the eagles fly!

  21. I agree with everyone else, will be fun to watch your quilting progress. One thing I have learned about hand applique, the more slits you make the easier the curves get. Have fun - I know you will!

  22. I have the book -- maybe I will join the fun! I noticed the design by Ms. Patek depicts the eagle holding the olive branch in it's own left talon, and the arrow in the right while the Great Seal of the United States has the olive branch in the right talon and the arrows in the left talon. History and the symbolism of the Great Seal is something I am keenly interested in, so I thought I'd share why I am going to applique them consistent with the Great Seal. The eagle's head is always depicted turning to it's own right, and the olive branch in the right symbolizes the preference for peace, while the arrows symbolize we will always be ready for war. Just thought I'd share in case others may wish to change placement as well.

  23. like your fabric choice…oh YES you need to over estimate her pattern pieces… or lay them out before you cut your backgrounds and make sure it really fits the next piece/row that is always a challenge too with her patterns!
    hope to get the book today


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